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We’ve all been there! Getting ready for that weekend get away with the family. It’s a Friday morning and you start packing the car with all the essentials for your trip. Everything’s going according to plan, you have the tents, fold up tables and chairs, esky’s, cooking utensils, showering equipment, sporting equipment for the kids to keep them entertained, all neatly packed into your car. There is only 1 problem, you forgot that you need to still have room for the kids in the back and this is where Blackbear 4×4’s roof racking systems come into their own.

Rear Bars

All you need to fit out the rear of your 4 wheel drive

If you want the highest level of protection for your vehicle, then look no further than Blackbear 4×4’s Rear Bar Protection Systems. Built tough with extra thick high grade steel designed specifically for each vehicle to ensure correct fitment and the ultimate protection.

Blackbear4x4’s range of Rear Bar Protection systems come integrated with your choice of either a spare wheel carrier and or the ability to carry 1 or 2 Jerry cans. Increase your vehicles protection whilst adding functionality.

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